SMHA Rules & Regualtions (Stayner Minor Hockey)

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SMHA Rules & Regulations


1. Local League Team Officials are to ensure that equal ice time is given to all players.

The Executive reserves the right to rectify the abuse of this policy.

2. Rep Team Officials are to offer fair ice time to all players. The Executive

reserves the right to rectify the abuse of this policy.

3. No players shall participate in practices of another team, unless that specific player is rostered as an affiliated player to that team on the ice.

Exceptions to this rule are: 1) If a player needs a practice to complete return to play - Can only be approved on an individual basis by the Head Trainer. 2) If a team requires a goalie for a practice - This is to be approved by the Head Coach of the team that the goalie is rostered to.

4. If a player is used as an on ice volunteer, that player must be at least two divisions older than the age division on the ice and must wear full approved equipment as outlined in Section Four.

5. Only players registered with Stayner Minor Hockey Association may be on the ice during



1. Dates and times of rep tryouts will be posted on the SMHA website.

2. Rep tryout fees will be set by the Executive and all efforts will be made to ensure that the fees pay for the ice time required.

3. No refunds will be issued to those players that do not make the rep team.

4. Players are guaranteed the first two scheduled tryouts/ or otherwise stated

5. Dry land training cannot occur before team selection.

6. Coaches may not pre select their team officials, positions can be offered only after the final team selection.

7. Coaches may enlist the help of other Coaches, players or individuals (subject to the helper rules and/or possess PRS) to assist with tryouts and evaluations.


1.  SMHA will provide Novice LL hockey when registration numbers warrant.

2.  In the event when registration counts allow for two Novice age teams, SMHA will ice a Novice Local League team.

3.  2nd Year Tykes are welcome to Tryout for Novice Rep and in the case when Novice LL can be provided, for Novice LL

4.  The number of players moving from Tyke to Novice Rep or Novice LL will be determined SMHA Executive and will be based on Registration number at the time of Registration close date (determined by the Executive each season).


1. Affiliation will be as per OMHA Manual of Operations - Rule 7, and, in addition to Rule 7.1

1.    Agreement to Affiliate:

a)    No player may be put on an affiliated player list without the consent of the player’s parents, legal guardians and rostered coach.

b)    No player may be used as an affiliated player without the consent of the player’s parents/ legal guardians and Coaches permission.


2.   Affiliation will only be permitted under the following circumstances:

a)    When a team is missing one or more players from its approved roster due to illness, injury, suspension, vacation, work or personal business.

b)    Where a team has an unusually low number of rostered players. Note: The SMHA Executive will determine if a team qualifies for these criteria upon request of the team Coach. Hereby referred to as the “TOP UP RULE.” This rule will allow teams with low numbers of rostered players to use AP players up to the maximum roster size.


3.   Ice time for affiliated players will be as follows:

a)    An affiliated player must be invited to games by the Coach and may take regular shifts as determined by Team Officials.

b)    An affiliated player may see minimal or no ice time in a game they have been called up for.

c)    All affiliated players may be invited to participate in team practices, bearing in mind that the affiliated players’ primary team responsibilities must come first.


4.   Goalie Affiliated Player Rule:

a)    If there are 2 goalies rostered to a team and one of the goalies is unavailable, the affiliated goalie may be brought up, but the rostered goalie must start the game.

b)    Away tournaments:  An affiliated goalie must play at least one game

c)    If there is only one goalie rostered, an affiliated goalie can be called up but the rostered goalie must start the game.


5.   Any Team Official, Player or Parent/Legal Guardian found in contravention or purposely misusing the Affiliated Player rule will face immediate disciplinary action, including suspension or removal from the roster.

On Ice Volunteers

Policies and Procedures



Volunteers – 18 years old and older

All volunteers age 18 years and older that are not SMHA Officials or registered players (coach, assistant coach, trainer, assistant trainer, manager) must complete and submit for approval:

·         On-Ice Volunteer Form found on the website – under the ‘Resources/Forms’ tab.

·         Respect In Sport (On-line Speak Out) prior to attending any on-ice sessions.

·         Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Check by the OPP as per the OMHA’s Prevention Services Guideline.

All items must be submitted to SMHA and approval given prior to participation in on-ice activities.  Failure to comply with this request or a failing result may disqualify a candidate.


Volunteers – 18 years old and Under

All other volunteers (including registered players) must complete and submit for approval:

·         Miscellaneous Volunteer Form (use this form if a registered player for on-ice) found on the website – under the ‘Resources/Forms’ tab.

Note: On-Ice Volunteers must be at least two years older than the division age limit they are assisting with. (Minimum age, 14 years old)  Eg; Peewee maximum age limit 12 yrs.  Volunteer must be at least 14 years old.


Mandatory Equipment Requirements For On-Ice Volunteers

OMHA Guidelines for mandatory equipment to be worn by individuals assisting as a volunteer (individuals assisting with IP program implementation, on-ice (parent/family) helpers, demonstrators, specialty (i.e. goaltender) coaches, etc.) in On-Ice activities are as follows:

·         A volunteer who meets the minimum age requirement for CHIP Certification (i.e. 14 years and above), would be eligible to wear the same equipment as an On-Ice Team Officials. (i.e. CSA Certified Helmet, skates, gloves etc.)

·         A volunteer below the minimum age requirement for CHIP Certification (i.e. below 14 years), would be required to wear full player equipment including neck guard and mouth guard.


Mandatory Insurance for On-Ice Volunteers

All OMHA Centres are required to identify and remit Hockey Canadian Insurance fees for all On-Ice Volunteers, for example:

·         Volunteers registered as rostered team officials (i.e. coach, trainer, manager, assistant coach and assistant trainer).

·         Use of additional volunteers for on-ice assistance (i.e. IP instruction or team practices) must be identified and require Hockey Canada Insurance.

Centres must use the appropriate form to list On-Ice volunteers and return with payment to the OMHA Office by December 10 each season.

Priority For On-Ice Volunteers That Are Not Listed As A Team Officials is Given In The Following Manner:

1.     Adult SMHA member, parent, sibling, legal guardian

2.     High school students (Registered Players with SMHA) requiring Community Hours

***NOTE:  All High School students requesting community hours as on-ice volunteers, or performing any other volunteer functions for SMHA must be approved by the President. If you are not approved, your hours will be denied when the schools contact SMHA to verify.

3.     SMHA Members (Players) that are currently registered with SMHA providing they meet the requirements. Other – on an as needed basis, eg siblings of SMHA members that require Community Hours, non SMHA members with an area of expertise, etc.

4.     Other – on an as needed basis, eg siblings of SMHA members that require Community Hours, non SMHA members with an area of expertise, etc.


Adopted by the Stayner Minor Hockey Executive on July 11, 2011

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